Moving on, looking back.

Today is my last day in Jena after exactly six years there. I am now moving to Göttingen to work at the chair of Professor Claudia Keser. (

I felt like making a list of all the things I enjoyed about Jena, so as to remember to find their equivalent in Göttingen, keep open to new ideas and not forget to enjoy them as well:

  1. The Botanischer Garten, spending times contemplating the water lilies and listening to the singing frogs. (
  2. Sitting by my windows and watching the sun set on Jena.
  3. Hiking up to the Fuchsturm, the Kernberge, the Jenzig, the Landgrafen and further to the Napoleon Stein, going onward onto the Windknollen natural park. (
  4. Playing beach volleyball at the Strandschleicher.
  5. Playing a chess game and enjoying a cocktail at the Grünowski.
  6. Similarly, going to the Grüne Tanne, sitting on their terrace by the river with a Berliner Weisse or a ice-cream. (
  7. Playing table tennis in the little park near my house, on the grounds of the Clinic on Philosophenweg or up in the Friedensberg. Flying a kite there.
  8. Visiting museums during the Long Night of the Sciences, though I could not do so in the last few editions as I was taking care of my own presentations and experiments there. (
  9. Going for short trips in the neighboring places, at the Leuchtenburg, in Bad Sulza, Dornburg or the Wartburg in Eisenach.
  10. Hanging my hammock in Paradies Park and balancing for a few hours watching the summit of the trees. (
  11. Going for a short skying trips to Oberhof, getting lost and finding one’s way again. (,_Germany)
  12. Hiring kayaks or canoes to go down the Saale. Stopping for a drink in Döbritschen. Ending up in Camburg.
  13. Taking part in the walk along the Saale Horizontale all around Jena (100km), stopping exhausted in the middle and limping back home painfully. Do some little parts over the following years, not forgetting to walk at night too. (

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