Leaving GSBC :-( Joining MPI :-)

This week is my last week working at the GSBC (University of Jena) and from next week onward I will be working at the Max Planck Institute of Economics, also in Jena.

I am very happy of course to join Professor Werner Güth‘s Strategic Interaction research group, but I will really miss working at GSBC as well. I was very happy to work there and I am particularly thankful to Professor Uwe Cantner, director of the GSBC, and to Dr. Kristina von Rhein, who was the research coordinator at GSBC for most of my stay there. They both took very good care of me and I have been very happy working with them!

During my stay at GSBC, I got 3 papers and one book chapter published (here, here, here and here). I also worked with Caterina Giannetti, Paolo Crosetto and Gerhard Riener on a total of three research papers, two of which are now under submission (here and here).

I went to a number of international conferences (EEA 2009, EARIE 2011 and Econometric Society 2011), workshops (ACLE 2012, Crem-Economix 2010), participated in two excellent summer schools (at the MPI of Economics here in 2009 and at the MPI for Human Development in Berlin in 2011), organized a workshop on the economics of open source software in 2010 (with Kristina von Rhein and Sebastian von Engelhardt), and had great fun organizing a hand-on introduction to experimental economics with Paolo Crosetto at last year’s Night of Science in Jena (people played our experiment, introduced with a poster here).

The PhD programme at GSBC is certainly a program I would rank highly in terms of the quality of the research environment being provided there. There is a summer schools every year (in a castle, no less!), where PhD students present their work and train their techniques (link for two years ago). There are seminars every week with presentations by external presenters, and a school day every year on a specific topic (this year about migration). There are also research assistants available (I was in charge of that along with Kristina), money for going to conferences, and last but not least, advanced courses in a variety of specialized fields (see here for current list). I was particularly impressed by the very good courses in econometrics and experimental methods being led by Professor Oliver Kirchkamp, but there were also courses in a variety of other topics. Econometrics is certainly something I started to more or less understand only since I came here.

The crowd of PhD students in floors 1 and 3 of the building at Bachstrasse 18k, where the GSBC resides, is also quite impressive. There are not only PhD students from the GSBC, but also from the EIC, which specializes on the economics of innovation, and from the IMPRS, which focuses on decisions under uncertainty. Students come from the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Chile, Brazil, Nigeria, China, India, Pakistan, Iran, United States, Russia, Netherland, Ghana, Belarus, etc… There are even some Germans there! Each of those schools has its own research presentations, seminars, summer schools, courses… which means that there is always something new going on, always interesting seminars to attend, and many opportunities to socialize as well!

So anyway, I am remaining in Jena and will keep on benefiting from its very good research environment, especially given the excellent interplay between the Max Planck Institute and the University. For my work at the MPI, I plan to collect a new, more detailed panel dataset on the activity of bloggers to keep on refining my work with Caterina Giannetti. I also am working on two ideas for experiments, one following on my paper with Paolo Crosetto, the other dealing with the perception of fairness (details still secret!). This should keep me busy for a while!


4 thoughts on “Leaving GSBC :-( Joining MPI :-)

  1. I remember your interview when you first came to Jena. I am very happy that I agreed with everyone else to have you onboard. A great acquisition for Jena.
    Then let me stress the unique enviroment in the city. It does not really matter whether you are in MPI, EIC, GSBC, Lehrstuhl or anywhere else. It’s the Jena school: open and cooperative.
    I can appreciate it even more now, that I am not there any longer and I face stupid divisions between schools, departements, discipline and school of thoughts even whithin economics.
    keep on and keep up
    *** Marco

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