FLOSS Workshop in Jena

The 4th FLOSS workshop took place in Jena on July 1 and 2, 2010. Those were two very busy (and hot!) days, with a tight schedule, but everything seems to have gone quite well: no missing or lost participants, no major computer problem and no disruption in the supply of coffee!

While the time given for presentations (20 mn) was often tight for many participants, we managed to keep on schedule and even have some interesting discussions during the 10 remaining minutes for each papers. From some feedback I got, people enjoyed the diversity of the topics presented, and I certainly learned quite a lot myself, notably on the variety of types of data that are used to study the OS phenomenon.

The workshop had a clear empirical slant, as research seems to move from theory to testing. Among the topics I was most interested in were the patterns in the career of OS developers, how OS teams are able to effect radical changes in their software design, and how firms get involved in OS development. What I missed was more work on OS development networks, how OS developers build a reputation, and how OS projects manage to attract participants.

The programme is available here, with links to all papers that were presented. A press release was also distributed (read it here among other places).


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