Workshop in Paris in June

I was very happy to be invited to present my research on “Reciprocity in blogging networks”, at the Workshop on “Digital Business Models: Understanding Strategies“, organized by EconomiX and the CREM in Paris on June 25 and 26. Not only was this an excellent opportunity to come to Paris, where I spent some of my best summers in my student days, but the program was also very interesting. I learned a lot about data gathering and analysis from the presentations about online advertising by Avi Goldfarb (which I discussed) and about demand in the hotel industry by Anindya Ghose.

I tried in my presentation to combine two papers on reciprocity in blogging networks. The first, published recently, relates unequal relations among bloggers with their productivity, and shows that those who are more productive tend also not to read back their readers’ blogs. The second, in progress, tries to compute how much of a blogger’s readership is gained through his activity vs. what is gained from establishing reciprocal reading relations with other bloggers. Presenting all this in 30 minutes turned out to be too ambitious, notably as my introduction to the topic was too lengthy. I will hopefully do better at the GSBC brown bag seminar on October 27th.


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